How to Get People to Drink More Water

This was the problem I was trying to solve, how to get people to drink more water.

While trying to find a solution, I would pee at school and sometimes be surprised at how dark my urine was. It almost felt thick. The thought would go through my mind, “That can’t be good. I better drink something, and soon.”

You ever see those stickers in urinals aimed at getting men to pee in the urinal and not in just in the general area of the urinal? We’ll I thought the concept was perfect to remind men to drink more water. And the Yellow Pee sticker was born.

First Yellow Pee Sticker Placement
This was the first placement of the sticker.

The current version of the sticker is by no means an accurate assessment of how dehydrated you may be. It’s a guesstimate. It’s fun. And it reminds you to drink more, solving the problem.